EP3 Now Or Wait For GX1?

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Re: EP-3 is excellent...

papillon_65 wrote:

John A Cole wrote:

Really tempted to get an EP3 now but the only thing holding me back is the arrival of the GX1. Obviously the GX1 seems to have a better sensor but the kit I'd prefer with the new 14-42 X lens won't be available to mid January. Also concerned with many negative comments regarding the new 14-42 X lens ref. sharpness etc.

I can't comment on the GX-1, and to be honest, neither can anyone else really.

The majority of people who slate the EP-3 have probably never used one. Unless you shoot at high ISOs all the time I highly recommend it. The focusing, metering, handling, touchscreen, colour and speed of operation are all excellent on the EP-3. There is so much cobblers talked about the sensor without taking the image processor into account. If you can't take beautiful images with this camera then you might as well pick another hobby.

I am camera-less at the moment ... Any comments any way would be appreciated.

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The problem as I see it is why the expensive EP3 when you can get a much smaller EPM1 for $400 less with same sensor, good IQ and fast AF but minus flash or higher rez touch screen? Comparisons do show the G3 gets better high resolution ISO performance and GX1 certain to have as well and maybe even better. All of these mentioned cameras are quite capable of making beautiful images so is more a question of personal choice, just be sure to handle both if you can afford to wait a little before making your decision. The way Pany is now supplying all their m4/3 products much more readily to Amazon, etc I would say likely the GX1 will be available in US as promised by mid Dec.

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