Kodak sells M9 sensor business. Do we need to worry?

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Re: Kodak sells M9 sensor business. Do we need to worry?

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Nope... Leica M's sensors made by Kodak are very special ones with micro lenses to compensate for the very short distance between the lens and the sensor surface (any sensors, contrary to film doesn't like incident or near incident light to each "well"). The M sensor took quite while to design !

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Sorry I did something wrong and lost my text.

There is more to the story. I think all sensors but for the m leica kodak offsets the lens in relation to the pixel sites around the edges to allow more light to reach them given the very extreme angle.b

This is not the whole. Story. the micro lenses are also off set around the edges to help with the extreme ange of the light path. No other sensor uses this technology to the best of my knowledge but perhaps as is often the case I am a bit behind in the latest news
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