105DC vs Sigma 85 on D700

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Re: 105DC vs Sigma 85 on D700

JamieTux wrote:

I've got the Sigma and think its a great lens, with the D700 you can shoot by candle light and the AF is very fast and accuate for me. I would have got the Nikon G lens but there was no stock anywhere and no eta when I needed it, the Sigma is good enough that I haven't looked at swapping for the Nikon since. I have used the Nikon G quite a lot too, it keeps contrast in back lit situations much better but I deliberately go for that look at times.

Agree. IMHO, for me, Sigma 85 is not worse than Nikon 85G, if not better. In terms of center sharpness, Sigma 85 is better than 85G before f/4, according to slrgear.com and photozone.de. Although corner is softer than 85G, but I am just a hobbyist, I really don't care about the corner sharpness or border CA, because I don't make money from photography ( probably most of the people here do ) So, "fortunately" I don't have a boss or clients complain about the corner. My "clients" are my wife and children. Those reviews are really for professional.

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