First Impressions on X10 and a quick comparison with the XZ-1

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Re: First Impressions on X10 and a quick comparison with the XZ-1

J D Tranquil wrote:

Thank you Photohobbyfun.

I also own the XZ-1 and I'm wondering if it's worth it to get the X10. Your post is just the one I'm looking for. If possible, could you show us how the two compare with respect to high ISO?

Thanks again. Looking forward to more of your posts.

I guess I should of done that in the first place right?

I'll try to do this again at different ISO settings. I'm hoping I get a chance to go out and actually shoot today.

For the person that asked about a tripod. I used a table to set the camera on and I used a 2 second timer so in essence, yes I did use a tripod.

For the person that asked about the dust being inside from the factory, yes it was. On the X100 I also had dust inside the viewfinder and it looked silver, which I assumed to be flakes from the finish. The 2 specs of dust inside this viewfinder are black, which I'm assuming are also flakes from the finish. I'm not sure I'm keeping the camera yet as even if I prefer it over the XZ-1 I think I may just want to save the money so I have it for the Fuji mirrorless in the future. I may be tempted to exchange it for another one in hopes of getting one that doesn't come with dust in the viewfinder though.

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