Why so little progress with µ4/3 sensors?

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Re: Why even look at DXO?

According to DXO my 5 year old E-520 has better low light performance than the current PENs. I can tell you from experience that is not true. With the E-520 my limit was ISO 400. With E-PL1 I shoot happily up to ISO 1600.

Also more that my assessment is presented with just as much evidence as DXO mark present their sensor ratings.

Raffwal wrote:

First, I'm not here to troll or looking for trouble. I'm just one of the poor sods trying to decide which MILC family to buy into. One day it's µ4/3, the next day NX, then NEX. Well, you get the point. I actually briefly owned a GH2 for some weeks earlier this year. A couple of weeks ago I ordered an NX10 + 30mm lens combo, but the store couldn't deliver at the bargain price and canceled. So here I am back in the start. It looks like every MILC family has severe compromises and I can't decide which is the least troubling to me. For NEX it is the biggish and slowish lenses and the lack of built-in EVF (until NEX-7 finally arrives). For NX it is mainly the sensors from yesteryear and ... a certain lack or credibility. µ4/3 has a nice collection of lenses and accessories and they are pretty compact. However, I find the sensors here too lacking, even considering the smaller size.

And this finally leads to my question. I checked DxOMark to see, which are the better µ4/3 (or 4/3) sensors. And to my surprise found out that not much has happened in this regard for YEARS! OK, there is some minor improvement here and there and especially in the video department. But in stills we're essentially where we were in 2007-8. What on earth is the reason for this? Who actually makes the sensors and why can't they keep up with other formats?

If you look at any review of a recent m43 camera, you will see that it is as close to APS-C competition as can be expected. G3 equals, or even trumps, the NX200 and is pretty close to NEX-5n. Maybe a stop difference, which is easily balanced by better and brighter lenses being available.


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