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Sorry for answering so late.

You know that DOF varies with the distance to the point of focus as well, having shallower DOF at real close photo. You took your picture from quite a distance.

In your picture, I guess you were somewhere about five meters behind your subject. According to , you should have had the DOF between 4,50 and 5.60 at your setting. Now, that's plenty of margin for focus and recompose. Not to mention that you didn't recompose radically.

What I had in mind was different kind of scenario. In my experience, with a 50MM at f2 you can have problems with DOF if you want to take, for instance, a quite tight portrait (head and just a bit of shoulders). Focus with the face in the middle on the frame, than recompose to move the subject in the extreme right of the frame (while s/he's looking left). In this situation you might have your subject behind the focus. At 1.5m distance from your subject, you'll have something like 7 cm dof. And that's risky!

But, as I said, that won't be a problem with the Fuji X10.

PAUL TILL wrote:

VaLeX wrote:

Yes, I guess with this camera focus and recompose might be a valid option. But if you shoot even APS-C at shallow DoF, changing the angle of the focal plane in relation to your subject with focus&recompose might ruin your picture.

I've not come across that problem as of yet, a typical scene like the picture below, I focused on the little girls head then composed them as I wanted them in the frame. APS-C + Nikkor 50mm f2 MF at f2.8, how shallow are you talking?


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