How big is the X10 sensor size?

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Re: Very simple calculation.

Down sampling is not the same as the EXR sensor 'sn' mode.

The EXR sensor is using the full area of the sensor in the first instance, ie., to replicate the results you would have to down sample a standard sensor twice the size of the EXR sensor for your position to be correct.

With the EXR sensor, the physical size of the photo sites and the pixel density at the time the shot is taken is already at those values, there is no way down sampling a standard sensor of the same physical area is going to match the results of the EXR sensor in 'sn' mode (or 'M' size for manual shooting).

Steen Bay wrote:

Midwest wrote:

I am not 'up' on the EXR 'SN' mode but I do know that you can't change the characteristics of a sensor by 'downsampling' the images it captures, or else all the 12 and 16mp cameras with 'noise' problems could be resolved simply by shooting at a lower pixel count - and that doesn't work.

DxOMark seem to think it works. All their 'print' figures are for images downsampled (or 'normalized') to 8mp, and you can see how the downsampling has increased the SNR and DR, compared to the values at the cameras native resolution (the 'screen' figures).

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