Can you analyse this 100% crop please?

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Re: I'm amazed that you guys have not...

hondo2 wrote:

Jon Stock wrote:

aussiedavid wrote:

...realised he is a troll after all these years & treat him as such.

...OR no EXIF & relevant shooting data no comments.

...Just put him your banned list

Very true. Too bad he used to be a contributor with an interesting points of view. Now all of the posts are predictable trolling.

I have owned a variety of cars that cost much more than a camera. I don't go to discussion forums for my previous car models and talk about my new car. I would not even do that once. I have no idea why some people do that hundreds of times.

I don't know why some Olympus owners just don't let go and move on.

How about because they share 99.9999999% dna with the so called educators that continually infest this place? Works for me.

sounds like you have been arguing here too much. I guess you mean fanboy posts. I don't get why some people like to reverse troll and claim their E-500 is better than a d-3 (or whatever the crazy claim is).

Both groups are forum noise not signal and this forum has a bad signal to noise ratio.

As for camera performance I am surprised how close most cameras are. Looking at the e-5 vs other crop sensors I am pleased. If I drop the ISO of the Olympus sample crop down 1-2 stops to balance my f2 zooms vs their slower lenses I don't see a reason to be defensive about 'image quality'.

Ga's original post seems like a criticism of lens quality. I have no problem with unbiased tests, but people with an agenda are just more noise.


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