pics on this site not sharp when viewing?

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Re: The difference between sunny day, time of day and season

breth wrote:

Thanks for all the replies - I will take these into account while viewing images here.

I haven't read all of the replies here, but I haven't noticed these points being made. The first photo I looked at from your first link was a DPR gallery photo. The person that uploaded it didn't grant permission in their DPR profile settings for people to download the originally uploaded file. When set to allow these downloads, you'll see a link above the photos to the right that says "(Original)". DPR allows you to often enlarge the gallery photos one or two levels, but even the largest version is a reduced resolution/size of the original photo. In this case the largest, expanded version was downsized to 1.7mp and its file size was about 1/2 MB. The next photo I looked at from another link that you provided wasn't from a DPR gallery, but it too was downsized, in this case to 1.4mp, and the file size was even smaller, only 1/4 MB. Both of these are far lower in resolution/detail compared with what we'd have seen if the original, unedited, un-downsized photos had been used.

Here's a photo that I uploaded last year that should show lots of detail. Click it twice to get the largest size, and if that's not sharp enough, try using the "(Original)" link.

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