Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

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The end result...

Well taking on board a whole host of views here (thanks) and revisiting what I hope to do and shoot while I'm in Nepal I did a preliminary pack...

In the end I just couldn't leave the 5D2 out of the bag, but I at least feel I have the right balance of total kit now. I started by laying out ALL my camera kit - this was a confronting thing in itself as my kit covered the surface of a Queen sized bed. Then I chose.

G3 + 14-45 + 20/1.7 + 45/1.8
5D2 + 16-35L + 70-300L

  • assorted filters

  • a bag of batteries cos it's well below zero and very limited electricity access

  • small slik carbon fibre tripod with mini ball head (1.2kg total)

A factor in taking both was my son wants to do some occasional video on the trip and rather than take yet another camcorder/charger/battery set, I've said he could use the G3 which meant I'd have to have the 5D2 as well. I decided if I was going to have the 5D2 I'd cover the bits my G3 system didn't do so well UWA and longer. I wish I could be convinced on taking the pany 45-200 as it's a quarter the weight of the 70-300L, but it just doesn't convince in terms of sharpness, IS etc in comparison. The G3 will also take the place of my compact s90 - again trying to keep down additional battery types, chargers etc.

The key limitation I put on myself was that all the camera kit I will take must fit comfortably (e.g. not bursting at the seams) into my Lowepro Versapac 200. I'll be carrying this myself while trekking. The top half can carry accessories and non-camera stuff, the bottom half I've configured for side access from both sides. WHile trekking I plan to have the 5D2 with 16-35 ready on one side and the G3 with the Oly 45/1.8 in the other for candids or mix it up with 5D2 and 70-300L in one side and G3 with 14-45 or 20 on the other. In the end a mere trifle at 6kg...ah well, it could have been worse and maybe from this trip I'll gain the confidence I need to leave the big guns at home next time:-)

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