HX100V Serial numbers requested - LCD saturation problem

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Re: HX100V Serial numbers requested - LCD saturation problem

I agree with you Carmen, I was told to contact Sony "hotline" for support when I did a chat on this issue with Sony online. I don't have any confidence in Sony support either. There was an issue with my BDP-S370 blue ray player not playing 1920x1080 @60p videos produced by this camera (hx100v) which Sony promised would be escalated to their "engineering" department, and that someone would call me back within a week or less... that was something like 3 weeks ago... I've lost track.

Proper after-sales support is obviously NOT something Sony gives a damn about! This will probably be my FIRST AND LAST SONY CAMERA! Consumers on the other hand, definitely care very strongly about after-sales support... I have a friend who had a bad experience of complete apathy and lack of tech support from Sony perhaps 15 years ago, and to this day, he swears NEVER to buy a Sony product again. I thought he was

exaggerating but now I know better. Back in 2000, I also had Sony tell me "there is nothing found/wrong" with a digital-8 video camera which I took for repair due to what seemed like a minor dead (flashing white) pixel which was always at the same spot. So this is the second and and now third time Sony has done nothing (my blu-ray BDP-S370 which had a firm-ware upgrade to resolve this playability problem of 60p video but still the video freezes playing back 28Mbps "PS" quality files coming straight from this camera, and now the LCD issue with my HX100V).

Besides, let's face it, if Canon had a camera with the specs that this one did, back in June of this year, I would not have even CONSIDERED buying a Sony since Canon's sensors are FAR SUPERIOR.


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