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Re: SD15

While blithely browsing for SD15 prices, I came across this review first off.

I was going to post it in a separate thread, but then I saw this one. I only hope it hasn't been already posted by someone else, in which case apologies.

Apart from the review itself, the comments following it are also interesting.

I'm looking for one as an adjunct to my DP1, which recently excelled during a trip to Europe and a bit of SE Asia by taking 1700 shots, and in being the only camera I had with me.* In fact, most of my absence from here in recent times is due to my working on these pictures. I am now almost ready to post some.

OK, the logic was: I haven't got any other digital camera that can match it, and I had Buckley's chance of finding one in the many shops I went into.

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