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Re: Pentax ME Super, 2 Pens, and a GH2

Pen is bigger than gh2 lol, with evf it must be humungous.

Bob Tullis wrote:

The Pentax film body is my reference for just the right size body with a VF, what I had hoped a FF Canon might offer one day. I also have an old Richoh on the shelf, larger and boxier (that was my son's camera when he was 12).

The nuances in size differences with the models shown are - nuances afaic. The styling becomes significant, subjectively.

A few weeks ago I spoke of this body (topic asked "why rangefinders?"), and if Oly could build in an EVF it shouldn't be much taller than the Pentax seen here. Anyway, I JUST made some time to shoot these, however hastily, so your message was timely in this regard [g].

The E-PL3 though feels more like an LX3/5, it doesn't look much smaller but in my hands it's just so much cozier a relationship (with a small lens mounted, anyway).

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