40.5 filter for the x10 will fit ???

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Re: 40.5 filter for the x10 will fit ???

This was a standard coated (not multicoated) UV filter. The filter size quoted on it is 40.5E (I think E refers to a specific thread pitch). The full lettering on the inner filter ring is "B.W 40.5E 010 1x. The outside of the ring is labelled "B+W Made in Germany". If I remember correctly, I had originally bought it for a Konica M mount 50mm lens which I had bought when they were available new (and much cheaper than they sell for used nowadays!). I would guess late 1990s/early 2000s vintage. So I'm not sure about item number.

Additional info: I had an ancient 40.5mm metal lens hood made by B+W laying around. It does NOT fit, only threads in about a half a turn. It is also labelled 40.5E. It is likely of 1960s era vintage, and it appears as though the threads are not as deeply cut as on the filter that does fit. It looks like not all accessories with a 40.5E thread work. Go figure.

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