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Re: Example when 8 mm is too long

Let's just say that the barrel distortion was not complex enough to prevent me from doing this:

I might or might not have been able to do it with a 9 mm lens, although there would have been much less foreground; I couldn't with 10 mm. The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown has only 4 usable view ports, one on each side of the square tower, so I needed well over 90 degrees. An 8 mm lens on a 1.6x crop body has a horizontal FOV of 109 degrees; a 9 mm lens, 102 degrees, and 10 mm, 96 degrees. With a 10 mm lens, there would have been insufficient overlap to stitch, and any deviation from perfect horizontal and vertical alignment would have left gaps. With 9 mm I probably could have gotten a marginal stitch with the lens perfectly level vertically; with 8 mm, there was enough for a good stitch.

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