Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

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Daniel Lauring
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m43 vs. APS-C of FF. Compromise or omission?

I don't make a living off my gear, it is purely recreational.

What I found was I was hauling out the DSLR less and less...sometimes bringing nothing, and regretting it, or a small P&S and getting pictures that were also regrettable.

Discovered the Oly XZ-1 and it filled a small part of the gap, but left some big holes.

The GH2 does a great job of filling those holes. For example, I'm much more inclined to bring along the GH2 w/100-300 lens (about 2 lbs) vs. the 7D with 100-400 (about 4 and a half lbs.) The difference is even more as you start factoring other lenses in your bag.

Now I just wish someone would make a lightweight, lithium ion powered flash. Seems silly to have a flash that weighs as much as the camera.

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