Lens consolidation – round the world trip

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Lens consolidation – round the world trip

Hi guys I currently own the following:


I'm off on my third round the world trip and need some advice on what lenses to take.

I plan to sell off the 18-200 - on my last trip I just wasn’t happy with the performance over 100mm. I guess I got seduced by the numbers and the thought I would only need one lens for 90% of my shooting.

The 70-300 is a given and will be in the bag for sure. I actually bought this in Hong Kong to supplement the 18-200 because I wasn’t happy with it.

So, to the main point of my post; I need a walk around lens in the 16/17-50/55/85 range.

So far the list comprises of the usual suspects:

Tamaron 17-50
Nikon 17-55
Nikon 16-85

I think I can see the advantages and disadvantages of all these lenses but cant make my mind up as to what will best suit me.
Giving up the 50/55-70 I can live with so this isnt a deal breaker for me.

If I go for the Tamaron or Nikon 17-55 in all likelihood I will need to take the 12-24 to cater for landscapes and other occasions when I require a greater DOF.

My only reservation with the Nikon in this range is the weight - the price is not so much an issue for me. Is it too heavy to be considered a walk around lens? If so would the Tamaron be the better bet?

If I go for the 16-85 I will probably need to leave the 12-24 at home and buy a fast prime for low light/action scenes and times when I require subject isolation.

I really do not want to carry more than 3 lenses; carrying a backpack with all your worldly possessions plus camera gear for 8 months is hard at the best of times!

Because of the type of trip there is I wont have one 'style' as it where, I will shooting in all conditions and a wide range of subjects hence my confusion.

To summarise, I'm taking the D7000 and the 70-300 other than that I've yet to make my mind up.

Given what I've just said I would love other people to suggest what setup I should take and why.

All suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!

Nikon D7000
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