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Started Nov 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
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my decision

first I'd like to thank all who contributed.

I've decided to go with nikon 1 series.

Everything with sensor larger then m43 would seem to work against me for casual video. Everything lower or same as canon g12 sensor size seems to suffer on image quality.

Real turning point was Rob Galbraith review.

I'm going with J1, because honestly I'm not to thrilled about either body, and am looking at J1 as something to serve me until the next generation bodies comes out, after which my wife will probably find good use for it.

I'm waiting for lens reviews at photozone (Markus said he's working on them) to see what to go with, namely should I get 10-100 optimized for video.

It's pretty cool other lenses are not expensive (with regards to fx lenses prices), so I might as well get them all, if not immediate then at later point in time.

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