NX200 Raws Compressed with Zip?

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As a software developer, I'm almost certain they would have evaluated the possibility of applying some off-the-shelf compression algorithm like ZIP to the RAW files in-camera, and they have chosen not to do it for technical reasons. It may simply have been too slow to do in real-time given the processing power they have.

Being a SW developer myself, I just could not find a sound, logical reason for Samsung files being so huge. It was bad like that on NX10 and now even worse for NX200.

SRW -> DNG file conversion shrinks them to around a half and that makes sense, cause it understands the content, unlike ZIP which just tries to guess patterns and regularities. It is also lossless conversation.

Even simple packing should provide at least 25% of reduction, as it did for NX10. NX200 SRW somehow uses moree than 16 bits of information for a pixel? And that should be very simple and processing power easy operation.

It's possible that it was a concious decision not to put any effort in to RAW compression (storage is getting ever-cheaper), but there's no way that they didn't do it out of laziness unless they have a really incompetent engineering team.

So what is the real reason? Why everyone else can shrink their RAW files, all except Samsung?

Poor HW (processing power)? Samsung is an electronic giant, could they afford to admit than even little Canon S95 has more processing power?

I would actually love to have something like sRAW on NX200 - 10-12MP RAW files that use only 10MB. It would cover 99% of my needs.

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