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Re: Where's Pentax Q ? (n/t)

zxaar wrote:

Robert Gee wrote:

It would be nice to see the Pentax Q there for comparison as well. Otherwise, like everybody else, very cool website.

Nikon claimed V1 is smallest ILC. Lol

No, they didn't. Lots of the usual weasel words and phrases in the press release, but this is what Nikon claimed:

"In fact, it's the world's smallest and lightest camera in the world with interchangeable lens versatility and an electronic viewfinder (EVF)."

The Pentax Q doesn't have a built-in EVF, so the claim appears valid WRT the Q.

This is the comparison you were looking for:
Nikon V1 vs. Sony NEX-7,33

The NEX-7 press release is dated first, but I don't know about actual ship dates. Also, I don't care to look up the smallest/lightest native lens for each, which may be a factor. Knock yourself out.

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