Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

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Re: Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

I went to M43 about a year ago, mostly because my D90 kit was too heavy and I never took it anywhere unless I planned in advance.

I got the EPL1, and have not looked back. I did recently get a GH2, and have found the more advanced sensor in it to be quite a bit better (for what and how I photograph) than that in the EPL1. It's still small enough to take with me with several lenses, and because of that, it goes with me almost every day, and lets me capture stuff that I would have missed with the DSLR (which would still be in its bag at home.....)

So, a couple of months ago, I sold the D90, and I have absolutely zero regrets.

I think with the lenses you have you have a great travel kit, and you should be more than able to capture just about anything you want....and you will maybe get some different shots than you would, also, with the bigger gear.

Most people who have come to be M43 fans have come from the larger DSLR camps and simply just can't deal with carrying them around anymore for anything except for specialized shooting. I think the folks over at the Canon forum are still stuck in DSLR mode, and I would venture to guess a lot of them have never tried an M43......so it's heresy to many of them that an M43 can do extremely well as a primary camera in a wide variety of situations....Over here, we are all actual users of the M43 gear, so most of us can tell you its strengths and weaknesses and why it's not the end of the world, so to speak, to use it for a wide variety of photographic situations.

Personally, I think you should take it and leave the 5D at home. The experience of having a highly competent portable camera is quite liberating......


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