60D and 5.3 FPS

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Re: You crack me up

RandyB2 wrote:

You guys crack me up. Most everybody now seems to think you need super fast FPS and auto focus to get good sports pictures. I have a couple of thousand sharp and in focus pictures of racing cars and motorcycles taken with a Canon EF. It had no auto focus and the FPS was how fast I could work the wind lever. Yes the new higher FPS and fast focus cameras make it much easier to get those action shots, but using you brain to figure out what you want to achieve and planing for it is still very effective. The tendency lately has been to use the shotgun effect to hopefully get a few good pictures out lots and lots of pictures.

Cars and motorcycles are among the fastest moving in sports, but among the easiest in terms of subject positioning. Frame rate isn't nearly as important as getting the focus.

But a runner, with or without a ball, has 4 articulating limbs, potential hip rotation, and then the head which can rotate, look up/down. You even have the issues around the mouth opening and closing while panting. Still moving fast enough to require focus tracking, but you could take a 1 second burst of 8 shots and only like one or two of them just based on the angles of the body parts and where the subject is looking.

Same is true for timing the hitting of a baseball, the tackle of a ball handler in football, gymnastics, etc. It does lead to a bunch of nearly identical shots, but spray and pray can give you the best possible shot. With a lot of practice and anticipation, much of it is achievable. But not all.

5.3 fps is enough for most needs, so I don't see it as a huge deficiency.

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