Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

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Re: Ever just take a 4/3rds system and leave the big DSLR guns at home?

robonrome wrote:

fastprime wrote:

How will your photographs be displayed, big prints, big monitor? or small prints and photo sharing site? If the latter then MFT will do nicely, if the former then DSLR with biggest sensor possible. Invest in a comfortable back-pack to carry gear plus hiking essentials. Stick your camera on an extended tripod or monopod and use it as a hiking pole. Then you'll be ready to shoot on short notice.

If this is a trip of a lifetime and you want to shoot with the best possible IQ take the DSLR. If you're more concerned with holiday snapshots and not so much IQ then take the MFT.

Especially in the mountains with bright sun/snow and dark rock, DR is going to be a challenge for MFT. APS-C FF will have the DR and noise advantage.

I have both options too and if I was going to Nepal (I wish) I'd opt for the best IQ camera.

This is my dilemna. Look the reality is I've taken literally tens of thousands of photos in recent years and printed very few of them beyond 8 x 10. This is more for reasons of cost and space than anything else. I always dream of being able to print larger and will probably get a decent A3 sized printer soon. Even then it will be a small fraction of a percent than get printed.

Past behavour is the best predictor of future behaviour.

I guess I always try for the best IQ to at least allow a future possibility of printing big.

On Dynamic range I have bought a B&W 2 stop grad filter in 52mm size for my 14-45 to help tilt things in my favour...perhaps it will be enough....

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