Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di or Samyung 85mmf1.4 IF UMC. One or the other...

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Re: Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di or Samyung 85mmf1.4 IF UMC. One or the other...

Just got my Samyang/Rokinon 85mm today, and I can say that it complements my 90mm Tamron quite well. Okay, I known that the question was which one, but compared to professional quality lenses, why not have both?

The Tamron is lighter in weight than the Samyang but thee Samyang is much more compact. I haven't fully tested yet, but I think that the Tamron is sharper in shared focal lengths. In addition, the Tamron gets in a lot closer–it is a macro lens after all. Finally, the Tamron has AF on my lowly D5100–which when I'm shooting landscape (see samples below) is usually in manual mode anyway–which trumps the Samyang.

However, compared to other 85mm lenses, the Samyang is extremely sharp wide open and at apertures larger than f/2.0. Moreover, it has incredible bokeh, which makes it an incredible portrait lens. I haven't shot with either of the Nikon f/1.4s, but I have shot with the Nikon f/1.8D and both of the Canon 85mm lenses. This Samyang easily holds its own against those three great lenses. Its bokeh is easily superior to either of the 1.8s and is on par–potentially better–than the Canon 1.2. The only drawback is the MF, but I'm game to try.

For $300, this lens is a no-brainer. Get both lenses and call it a day.

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