NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

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Re: NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

PaulRivers wrote:

Barney Britton wrote:

No problem - I should also say that we've made Samsung aware of the issue and we'll let you know what the outcome of that discussion is.

Yeah, I'm sure I speak for a ton of other dpreview readers when I say we all appreciate it!

Imo, doing what you've done with reshooting them is definitely the right thing to do for studio shots.

I wonder (and this is unlikely something you could answer, just talking out loud) if this would affect real world shots. I mean, the shutter going off moving the camera around would affect others shooting on a tripod, might even affect others shooting hand...even if it is a "small" amount of blurriness, it would could be between a minor and a moderate issue in real world use.

We're going to look into this, obviously. My personal suspicion at this point is that in normal everyday shooting, you're not going to have a problem. I can envisage some situations though - like high-magnification macro work, or copy stand work (etc.,) where critical sharpness will be compromised - noticeably - by shutter vibration at certain shutter speeds. It is possible, however that Samsung could add some sort of equivalent to Olympus's 'anti-shock' to the NX200 via a firmware update. I'm not saying that they will, or even that they definitely can (we've had no commitment either way), but it is something that we have discussed with Samsung, and will continue to discuss as we move forward through the studio testing with this camera.


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