S100 Battery Life

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Re: S100 Battery Life

FWIW I've had good luck, and so have the battery geeks on candlepowerforums.com, with this place:


Not always the cheapest, but less than Canon. Code "SHEEP" should give a little discount.

I would read absolutely nothing into the mAh claims of any of these batteries. On a tester they rarely meet their claim, but if you're curious get a hobby charger and test. I got less capacity out of the spare, but for the cost savings I didn't mind 80-90% of OEM. The most important thing about an aftermarket Li battery is -- is it safe?

Price is no guarantee, nothing is really, but I have to wonder about those $8 ones I see. To be safe, don't charge these unattended. Charging is the most likely time for a problem.
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