Pocket Size Camera for 5D Mk 2 & 60D user

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Re: Pocket Size Camera for 5D Mk 2 & 60D user

I've struggled with this question myself. Here's my take on the 2 categories of "pocketable" sizes - YMMV:

1) Slim pockets:

Canon S90 / S95 / S100 also the older Fujifim F31 / F30 / F20 with SuperCCD sensors. The Fuji has a bigger sensor; the Canon has a faster and wider-range lens. The Canon favors smearing over noise; the Fuji overprocesses at high ISOs. The Fuji does clean low-light VGA video; the Canon does very noisy low-light HD video. The Fuji has a poor LCD on the back; but has phenomenal battery life. The Fuji is only available used, but it's inexpensive; the Canon is new, and.... Pick your poison; I carry a Fuji in my jeans pocket.

2) Ample pocket:

Panasonic LX3/5, Olympus XZ-1, etc...or Olympus E-PM1 or Panasonic GF3 and a pancake 14, 17, or 20 lens. I use M4/3 with 20 or 14: it provides the same package size and excellent IQ at wide angle. As you zoom the compact (and crop the image on M4/3), the IQ of cropped M4/3 pic loses it's edge, but it still gives results as good as any of these compacts at max zoom.

I think that most of us would like to see the capabilities of 2) in the package of 1), but there is the small matter of physics in the way.

BTW, I think your experience with the S95 is atypical; you may want to review the default settings for sharpness and contrast and adjust them to your liking.

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