PZ 45-175 and Pz 14-42 ratings

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Re: PZ 45-175 and Pz 14-42 ratings

I have the 45-175mm lens and will probably post a review on 43 rumors in a while. I do not have the 45-200mm to compare it to, but from my tests I would estimate the performance is similar to the 14-42mm kit lens, i.e. reasonable but not at the highest quality. From what I have read, others who have the 45-200, think that the performance of the 45-175 is at a similar level. I think it's a useful telephoto lens for those who want a smaller alternative to the 45-200. Those hoping for "pro" quality with high performance at all apertures and all focal lengths will probably be waiting to see what Panasonic can do with the upcoming 35-100mm.

It's sensible to wait for some tests to appear so it can be compared with the other telephotos. Now the GX1 is becoming available the 14-42 and 45-175mm X lenses ought to be tested with it.

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