Is NR off in the NX200 RAW/jpg test shots?

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Re: Is NR off in the NX200 RAW/jpg test shots?

strata83 wrote:

Base ISO for all cameras which means ISO 160 for the GH2, ISO 100 for the NX200 and ISO 200 for the E-P3.

NR -1 for the GH2, NF low for the E-P3, default NR settings for the NX200 (frankly speaking, it doesn't have any settings for NR in the video mode).

All cameras were used with their respective kit lenses: Panasonic 14-42 (OIS was set to OFF because I didn't want to gibe the GH2 an unfair advantage), Olympus 14-42 and Samsung 20-50mm.

That said, the footage from NX200 shows very nice colors and its DR is certainly very good. But it's too compressed. I hope Samsung will rectify this problem in a future software update. I also hope the NX20 (or whatever that camera will be called) will include the microphone input jack.

i am sure the nx20 will have the audio plug in again (nx100 had it too) and better codec. maybe the nx20 could already be on par with the gh2 it is mainly about firmware and how much options samsung wants to give us.. what is possible can be seen with the hacked gh2.. and consumer really dont need much more than a gh2 for video..

keep in mind that there have been "pro video zooms" on the lens road map for 2012 so i would be very surprised if the nx20 will not already offer much better video than the current nx200

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