Red roses and RAW colors - help!

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Re: Red roses and RAW colors - help!

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I think you did very well recovering the blown red channel. I think you should warm it up, and use the brightness slider to darken the image a bit.

Thanks! Today I have been shooting red roses again.... until got "red stars" in my eyes after 500+ shots. It is getting better, I believe, though I have noticed one interesting thing. In many cases, the red channel histogram has two peaks, i.e. a double top. The second peak, which actually causes blown reds, is not visible in the camera LCD until you get down 1-1.5 stops into a highly underexposed zone. In other words, you may think that the red channel is not clipped, because there is no tall bar on the right side of the histogram visible. But, when you shift the histogram to the left, it reveals the second perfectly clipped peak.

As Victor mentioned, the LR camera profile is causing troubles with reds, if set to Adobe Standard. Camera Portrait and Camera Faithful work much better for me, though require saturation and tone adjustments.

These are a few latest examples. What can I improve here? Please criticize.

These roses still look too orange compared to the Panasonic shot. I can only recommend applying the Autumn Hues Picture Style from Canon , and reducing both the contrast and saturation in DPP. Hopefully that will give the roses the deeper red that we see in the Panasonic.

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