Olympus Corp in real trouble

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Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

chandc wrote:

I don't think Japanese should like to sold to non-Japanese firm.

The only possible firm could have been Ricoh if they have not purchased Pentax.

Why not Ricoh? It's not like they've just spent their piggyban and have no more budget left. Pentax Ricoh at ths point do not have a large(ish) sensor inetrchangeable lens system camera, so buying into the already exisiting m4/3 system at a bargain firesale price could be better than developing their own propretry system from scratch.

Ricoh bought Pentax to increase their share in the camera market. Wouldn't buying Olympus as well now also increase it even more? Not one, but two bargain-buys of historical and well known camera company competitors and all their tech, patents and user base etc in the space of just six months, Ricoh would be hard pressed not to be tempted.

Pentax Ricoh Olympus = PRO.

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