What do you consider the effective ISO limit of your camera?

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Re: OMG! You guys are crazy!

Isn't it odd how digital has changed us? I remember shooting at ISO 25! ISO 400 was really fast, and how I considered ISO 800 film way too grainy. Think Tri-X had the best look when pushed, of what I used way back...although I never shot film in any regard as prolifically as digital, nor printed very large. I don't know if that's good or bad But do know the demands have changed for gallery work...not that I've done any in the photographic sense. The prints I see (in exhibition) seem much larger, just generally, than the ones I used to see from film...so would be more demanding in many regards, when thinking about it. (at least in regarding digital to 35mm)

Like the Joker said: Why so serious?

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