NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

Started Nov 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

Barney Britton wrote:

Hello everyone, just letting you all know that we have now re-shot the NX200 studio samples again, using a neutral-density gel over the light to avoid the band of shutter speeds that were giving us less than perfect sharpness.

Thank you.

PS - if you see 'no sample' in the NX200's ISO 100 shot, don't worry, just refresh the page. It's a bug, we should be able to get it fixed shortly.

My experience with Firefox 3.6.24. Sure enough I got "no sample", so I refreshed the page and no joy. So I used the "force refresh" key combination (<Ctrl> <F5>) and still got "no sample". I then selected ISO 200 near the top of the page and that worked - no more "no sample". Changing it to ISO 100 also now worked.

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