What do you consider the effective ISO limit of your camera?

Started Nov 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
mh2000 Senior Member • Posts: 2,813
Re: OMG! You guys are crazy!

Certainly not! You are right. I'm a fine artist. My intention for most photos is to be printed and hung in a gallery.

While I've always been a "serious" photographer/artist, a tech geek or pixel peeper I'm not. Most of my early work was based on Tri-X and D76.

After years of habit, manual cameras and shooting experiences I am used to shooting at ISO 400, so it doesn't seem like a hardship to me... twenty years ago Tri-X and a fast lens was considered all you needed for available light work!

Lights wrote:

I really don't think there was any intent on your part to say that people who shoot in a different style from yourself weren't serious...

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