Lens suggestions for new set-up with Nikon D90

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Re: Lens suggestions for new set-up with Nikon D90

Wellington100; you are most probably right about the ISO performance on newer cameras as my mind is stuck at ISO400 being the highest value for kind-of-acceptable photos However the Nikon 16-85 is about 200USD more expensive compared to the Tamron 17-50 so I'm questioning is it worth the difference?

amielchris; It's just making me feel better hearing more good things about the Tamron 17-50 hehe I've already dropped the idea of 18-105 but thanks for the feedback.

jtan163; Nope, Nikon 85mm f/1.8D AF is around 460USD, expensive ones are the 1.4D and 1.4G at around 1230USD and 1700USD respectively. I don't think the 17-50 will differ much from the 16-85 at the short end in terms of FOV and since I don't really care much at the moment about the long end I'm favoring the 17-50 (considering the extra 200USD as well).

Option a. is going to be my choice I guess.. With the memory card, bag, wireless shutter release and tripod it's going to cost about 2600USD including shipping to Dubai, which I think is a fair price for such a kit?

On a sidenote, any suggestions for the bag, tripod and the wireless shutter release? I've these in mind;


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