Time for new computer I5 vs I7

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Re: Caveat on OEM vs. Upgrade

Lyle Aldridge wrote:

Paragraph 15 of the EULA states, "Upon upgrade, this license takes the place of the agreement for the software you upgraded from."

Paragraph 17(a) then addresses "Transfer to Another Computer," and says, "You may transfer the software and install it on another computer for your use. That computer becomes the licensed computer." The only exception is for "Anytime Upgrade Software," in paragraph 17(b). That remains subject to transfer restrictions, but Anytime Upgrade isn't the kind of upgrade we're discussing here.

Thanks. Neat. I'll keep that in mind if I need to upgrade at any point. But, chances are, I'd still go with the cheapest solution (OEM version right this minute), since I'd probably want to keep the older PC usable when buying a new one. My office looks like a PC Junkyard, since I never get rid of any older ones

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