Is it just me or has DPreview become very slow?

Started Oct 30, 2011 | Discussions thread
Wayne Larmon Veteran Member • Posts: 9,403
Why recommend the old version of Firefox?

Rriley wrote:

its flash
change your browser to firefox ver 3.5.8

disable 'automatically check for updates' under the advanced tab
then get this addon 'Flashblock'

I'm using Firefox 7.01 and Flashblock works. (I haven't upgraded to FF 8 yet.) I stuck with FF 3.X (don't remember the exact version) until about a month ago. I've found that FF 7.01 is faster when rendering complex sites (like DPReview) than FF 3.X was. And doesn't have crippling memory leaks, like I experienced with all earlier versions of FF (on this computer.)


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