NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

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NorthwestF wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

Wrong again. It varies, and what you're describing really applies to the old first generation stabilization that was used more than a decade ago.

I am well aware of that, but in all cases, with the camera on tripod and OSS on, either you won't notice a difference or there would be a negative effect. Image stabilization is designed for hand shake. It's not designed to counter vibrations like mirror slap and shutter vibrations. That's why you have MLU on DSLRs.

You again show that a little knowledge is dangerous. Mirror slap is by far the major reason why MLU is used, not shutter vibrations, and what would you do to counter it? I suppose that when you shoot with a tripod you keep the diaphragm open in bulb mode and remove and replace a hood over the lens? Are you as ignorant as you're trying to make yourself sound? Go find your NEX sucker to pester. Here you're neither needed nor wanted.

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