Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

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It's too early to tell

Of all of the possible P&S upgrade cameras with a sensor size greater than 1/1.7", the Nikon J1 holds the most promise, but only if Nikon can shave 20mm off the length of the kit zoom (this is very likely as demonstrated by what Panasonic has done with the X kit zoom).

When that happens, it would make the J1 essentially the same depth as the Canon G12, which for me is the maximum acceptable size for a P&S. No other camera with a sensor greater than 1/1.7" can make that claim, certainly none of the M4/3 or the Fuji X10.

So the question at that point is: Is the larger J1 sensor good enough to make up for the f1.8-2.2 of the Oly XZ-1?

J1 is the only current camera that has the possibility of replacing a 1/1.7" P&S (with zoom & build-in flash), from a compactness perspective.

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