NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

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Thanks and a request

Thanks for all the effort that you guys put in these tests! And also for taking the time to read all the comments and address them!

I also have a request related to your following comment. You are completely right about the color temperature of the light having an impact on the noise. And off course real-world low light shots are often taken under artificial light. So you would agree that the amount and nature of noise observed in high-ISO tests under the studio lights might not match what you get in real-world low light shots under artificial lights. And also importantly different cameras differ in the sensitivity of Red vs Blue vs Green channels. So a camera which is better in studio lights can perform worse under artificial lights depending on the gain required in each channel. So I was wondering if there is a possibility in future of having "artificial light studio shots" to have a better idea of what to expect under these conditions (lets say using some standardized tungsten lamps). The tests that you guys provide are already highly useful but this can increase the usefulness even more.

Andy Westlake wrote:

(To pre-empt the idea that noise is dependent on light level and shutter speed, and this would skew the results, this isn't really true. The reason why it's often believed to be true is because the visibility of noise is highly dependent upon the colour temperature of the light source, and low light levels are strongly associated with low-colour temperature artificial light. However the higher noise in images shot under such lighting isn't because of the light level per se , but because the blue and green channels have to be amplified much further to achieve correct white balance.)

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