NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

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Re: Let's give a rousing hand to the FP shutter.

NorthwestF wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

Of course it's designed for hand shake, but it doesn't sense hand pressure, only the camera movement that it causes. It would respond to camera movement cause by forces applied by anything else, if the direction (angle), magnitude and period were comparable to what a hand might produce.

Shutter vibration is thousands of times faster than hand shake. There is no comparison between the two, and OSS is designed for hand shake.

Nonsense. If it was, the problem wouldn't occur just at 1/80th sec. and as you should be but aren't aware, IS won't help to counteract camera movement at such high frequencies.

This doesn't mean that OSS will   help, just that it should be tested or we won't know if it does or not.

Turning on OSS on tripod usually makes things worse. When the camera goes looking for a vibration and doesn't find one (since it's on tripod), it will continue to look for one, which can cause OSS blur.

Wrong again. It varies, and what you're describing really applies to the old first generation stabilization that was used more than a decade ago. Some lenses are designed to detect being mounted on a tripod automatically. As I said, testing needs to be done since I don't think that Samsung has described its lens stabilization sufficiently. This is also true for P&S cameras. Earlier this year I put one of my Canon P&S cameras on a tripod and the display went bananas, with extreme movement visible on the LCD. Yep. Turned IS off and the problem disappeared. On the other hand, all of my Fuji cameras seem to behave identically on a tripod, whether IS is engaged or not.

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