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Re: The Digital CL

HelMue wrote:

shooting with Leicas since 1962 (M and the by now orphaned R series) I'm entirely with You concerning the company's future. In contrast to You, nevertheless, I never got a Digital M body. Getting impatient, I took the Canon-route instead - up to the day the GF1 was announced, which, for me, is something like a Digital CL (minus the viewfinder, to be sure), especially (but not exclusively) with the CL's own tiny lenses.

BTW: I love Your site and enjoy Your photography very much.


Thanks for the kind words about my website... I do have an M-Mount adapter and have used the Leiitz 90mm Elmar-C on the GF1 and the GH2.. that lens was for the CL and works much better on the GH2 due to the high quality EVF for manual focus.. Had the GX1 has a builtin EVF I probably would have ordered one.. and you are right, the GF1 and the GX1 could be considered very CL like. It's too bad that Leica seems to get in its own way.

I believe there will come a time when some other camera maker will produce digital cameras that will offer everything the M series offers (without the expensive RF system) and that Leica will be forced to produce something other than their current line of M cameras. The S2 is in another world and not what most of us would even consider.

Maybe Zeiss or Voigtlander Bessa will one day fill the gap that Leica is intent on neglecting. Ricoh could probably do it in a year if they wanted to.

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