Anyone return 60D due to weight/ergonomics?

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Anyone return 60D due to weight/ergonomics?

history summary - I know this may seem a little repetitive with all the posts about the 60D and should i get one out there but ...

I have had a Canon 300D, was very happen with it for years just shooting auto type settings. Then getting understanding exposure and trying to branch out into other semi auto modes and maybe the past year playing with my LX5 trying me hand at full manual. I have A LOT to learn!

My Canon 300D is no more poor thing. I was very happen with it until the last year when I was learning more and being aggravated by AF issues and low light limits.

I also have
50 mm f1.8
Tamron IF 28-300 f3.5-6.5
speedlite 270ex

Over the past few months reading and searching thought I finally decided on getting the 60D and then saving for some/a new lens like the 17-55 2.8 (or the less $$ sigma eq) maybe the 28 1.8 and some point in a year maybe also the 85 f/1.8

That was until I went to a store and held one. The grip felt great, but its the weight I was curious about. It felt significantly heavier than the T3i but the grip on the 60D also just felt more right.

So now Im torn again. Will I get used to the weight? As I get older I also think a touch of arthritis is setting in that with smaller hands? Can any smaller hand users or people with arthritis that have the camera or had it voice their opinion? Am I just being too worried cause its such a difference from the old Rebel I had but Ill get used to it (how can anyone say but perhaps someone went through something similar)

Anyone return a 60D in favor of the T3i?

In the differences in the two I know there are so similar in regards to what they are capable of producing. The fps rates are a larger difference (no so much my concern)

But I have read conflicting views on whether there is a AF quality difference?

The step up in the wheel and buttons is an improvement I understand? It should make it easier to see and make changes to setting such as ISO or focus lock and similar items?

I am just a weekend, hobby/enthusiastic that likes to learn and get better and share pictures with family and friends. 70% is of my cats (i have read posts here I am scared to post cat pictures lol) in the house, 15% is family gathering at restaurants and homes and the rest assorted oh its snowing, random things that catch my eye.


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