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Re: Battery life [Was CNet Review of X10]

CAcreeks wrote:

As usual, useless. Maybe wrong too? The remark about short battery life was puzzling. Perhaps the reviewer had it set to EXR Auto all the time, a known battery waster?

Had to check the specs. Battery life as rated by CIPA varies from 270 to 640 (LCD off) according to official Fujifilm specs. This is average to very long for a compact camera.

No, CIPA is designed to produce repeatable results from different people using different copies of the same model, assuming that the battery is in good condition. Some manufacturers state two battery life figures, CIPA (which is always shorter) and the results of their own non-standard test procedure, which must (according to CIPA stipulations) be listed following the CIPA numbers, and IIRC, have certain restrictions on the way those tests are performed. Fuji's manual only shows a CIPA value, 270 frames per charge. If Fuji listed numbers up to 640 with the LCD off, that's because it's using Fuji's own non-standard test and I think that if you take another look at those "official specs" I don't think that you'll see where Fuji stated that the 640 shots were CIPA values.

CIPA specifically requires that the LCD should remain on during the test. Unlike other manufacturers, Fuji doesn't provide as summary of the CIPA procedure in the X10 manual but they used to in some of their previous manuals, such as the S100fs (below). CIPA allows the manufacturer to use an EVF instead of the LCD for the tests, but not an OVF, and either the EVF or the LCD must be used unless the camera has neither (highly unlikely). For what it's worth I was able to get over 700 shots once from the same NP-50 battery in one of the little F###EXR cameras a couple of months ago, but I used the camera in a way that few would ever consider doing, taking all of those shots in about one hour. I and many others have gotten way more than 250 shots per charge, but that's to be expected if most of the shots are taken outdoors without using the flash.

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