What do you consider the effective ISO limit of your camera?

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Re: Large prints vs Facebook - that is the question

sean000 wrote:

mh2000 wrote:

Perhaps the OP should have phrased the question more specifically to ask what we feel is the upper limit for photos we intend to print large, provide to clients, enter into photo compeititions, etc.

Perhaps I should have. Had I thought about it more, I would have probably added a little list where I gave different situations. That certainly would have made me answer differently.

When I said that 3200 was my effective iso limit, I meant that if I had to go past that, I probably wouldn't bother as the shot wouldn't be worth it for much of anything aesthetically. I might use it to capture some random thing I wanted documented, but I wouldn't do it for the image itself. At 3200 I can take images that are aesthetically pleasing after a bit of post processing when printed rather small or looked at rather large on a computer screen.

I actually haven't had much experience printing large yet with my GH2, so I'm not really sure what I'd consider the effective iso limit there. Probably 400 or maybe 800? I'm generally pretty happy with shadow noise at 400.

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