NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

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Re: NX200 test shots - lenses, focus, and ISO 400

Andy Westlake wrote:

We can't shoot at faster shutter speeds without using a larger aperture, which will give insufficient depth of field. Turning on image stabilisation on a tripod opens up a whole can of worms - we'd much rather not go there. However what we can do is shoot at a slower shutter speed by reducing the scene illumination, so that's looking like the most likely solution at the moment.

I understand and thank you for that. although if ever dpreview decides in the future just for the sake of sharing or as a sidenote if you observe that OSS helps a lot on a tripod setup, it would be greatly appreciated for any info. I don't have the 60mm OSS lens and can't test it, so I can't comment on the issue on the matter on how it would affect the image.

also, considering that dpreview does lens review as well, you might want to consider including that area (OSS) as well. if it does help a lot when doing handheld and as well as mounted on a tripod.

(To pre-empt the idea that noise is dependent on light level and shutter speed, and this would skew the results, this isn't really true. The reason why it's often believed to be true is because the visibility of noise is highly dependent upon the colour temperature of the light source, and low light levels are strongly associated with low-colour temperature artificial light. However the higher noise in images shot under such lighting isn't because of the light level per se , but because the blue and green channels have to be amplified much further to achieve correct white balance.)

I don't argue with this.

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