What do you consider the effective ISO limit of your camera?

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From what I gather, and really not sure if I'm gathering it correctly, from the full stop up to the next, the in between increments are software corrected, rather than hardware gain. So it could be that the camera's software does a pretty good job. I know it seems ISO 1000 to me does better than ISO 1600..but could be fooling myself since I've never "really" tested it...and with real world shots it's so hard to tell with difference in shadows, lighting etc. It would be interesting if someone has done tests and controlled the variables...but maybe if the internal software does a good job...might be then even hard to tell anyway.

The thing that would bother me about this whole thing and wouldn't fit into the equation of my understanding of it...is that Raw images aren't supposed to be modified by the camera's software, yet you can shoot at ISO 640 in Raw. I don't think my understanding of this is deep enough. Maybe somebody on a read through could explain it further.

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