Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

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Re: Nikon 1 as a step up from compact cam

gl2k wrote:

What about that that.

  1. Would you really like to work with a cam that makes you dive into menus whenever you want to change something ?

  2. Are you willing to pay the price of a DSLR and get something that is marginally better than a compact cam ?

  3. Shallow DOF is hardly better than from a P&S.

  4. 1.6s shot to shot is kinda joke (guess a firmware update will change that)

From what you write I conclude that you are a real enthusiast shooter. I'd say the Sony NEX-7 is exactly what you want.

Being a Nikon fan (not fanboy) I'm quite disappointed that Sony managed to create a far better product line (NEX3, NEX5, NEX7) than Nikon. The "1" is a dead end. The sensor size puts physical limits on the cam that no technical progress will ever circumvent.

I don't mean to single out gl2k but it's interesting to highlight old posts like these where forum "enthusiasts" dismissed the N1 system without actually testing the camera. All the usual talking points are there about menu-diving, DoF, and sensor size... yet nothing about the actual results from the camera itself.

Now, real photographers and experienced reviewers such as Kirk Tuck, Blunty, AndreasE, and Rob Galbraith have all published their impressions of the system and every one of them have come away impressed. These are the opinions that count, not the specsheet-jockeys on the dpreview forum.

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