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Re: guys, what if

kelpdiver wrote:

th3_n3wb13 wrote:

We know that the Canon 10-22 is 5% wider than the Tokina as mentioned above. Let's say we are using the Tokina at 11mm. What if we back a little to cover for more wider scene? It's going to be the same right? I did this on my Tamron 17-50mm and Canon 18-55mm and I couldn't tell the results. 98% of the time, when we do landscape photography, we always have huge room for movement behind us.

Aside from the other comments, what if you're not doing landscapes? When it comes to doing buildings of significance, you don't always get to back up. Sometimes the church or castle is in a dense area. Or if you have to back up, you now have a dozen other photographers right in from of you. With the 10mm, you get to be in their shots.

So I'd question the 98% bit.

Another point is that backing up to take a landscape shot isn't a few paces, it's potentially several miles!

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