New Canon 5D II - what lens for lanscape?

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Re: Now wait a minute...

Pierrick wrote:

Wouldn't it be great if lens makers made a lens for landscapes only that would have a max aperture of f5.6 or even 7.1, since it would make for a much lighter lens with just as much optical quality, and a much cheaper pricetag too!

Not really, as long as we are talking about wide-angle lenses.

Remember, the front element(s) will still need to be largish (or bulging, take your poison) to have the unobstructed view of the wide angle they have to cover.

Then, due to need to project the picture on film/sensor, a degree of retro-focal design is still needed as the registration distance is likely to be greater than focal length.

Now, if we were talking about short focal lenses for small/tiny formats (thus, moderate view angles) you would be right (c.f. any phone cam lens)

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